Discover How To Gain A Deeper Insight Into Your Target Audience

No business idea, product, or service is inherently universal – and there’s no such thing as an ‘everybody audience’. That’s why you need to make sure you get niche and hit your target audience with marketing. Targeting your audience is about understanding who they are, what they want from you and what makes these individuals tick. Once you understand your niche audience, you will be able to provide exactly what they want to see from your business, making your marketing strategy more efficient by spending time, money and resources in the right area, ensuring a higher return of investment. But how do you gain a deeper understanding of your audience?


Here are a few options and tips to consider.


Build Who Your Audience Is

To gain the benefits of knowing your target audience, you need a clear idea of who they are, taking their age, their demographic, and even their personality into consideration. Remember to engage and interact with your audience online to gain a clear idea of their lifestyle niche, and build an image of who they are and more importantly, what they want. You will then be able to create content tailored to these individuals to ensure they consistently return to your site. Once you have the demographic data, a professional digital agency can help you form a great strategy.


Find Out Where They Frequent

If, like many other businesses, you’re using digital and online marketing efforts to reach your audience, you need to discover where your audience is online. In other words, look at what social media they use. Explore the data available on your website and social media platforms, and find out what the main sources of traffic to your site are.

Are your visitors coming from links on your Twitter, Facebook or Instagram feeds? You can learn more about the audience you already have, and also aim to reach more individuals. You can also use social media to discover more about your audience, including age, gender, and when they’re most active on social media platforms.


Explore The Websites They Visit

The websites that audience members visit provide information on the type of content that they are interested in. You can use this information when creating your own content, ensuring that it specifically hits the right boxes. One of the best ways to find this information is to conduct polls and surveys. Polls can be completed with a digital agency or by using free tools that you can find online, such as the poll feature on Instagram stories.


Explore Your Competitors

If a tactic is working for competitors, then the same strategy may work for you. Alternatively, you can also learn from the mistakes of these companies and guarantee that you don’t fall into the same traps. Look at the brand, the voice of the company, the strategies they implement, and the message they broadcast. You can also explore individual pages and pieces of content to see what type of content delivers the highest number of views and the most interest from your shared audience.

If you are interested in discussing your marketing strategy and want to discover how to appeal to your target audience, contact Thrive Creative! We’re a digital agency in Melbourne that lifestyle businesses can trust to help understand their audience and get their promotional campaign on the right track.


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