Get Your Business Noticed On and Offline

Often, the success of a business and its branding stems from its ability to capture and keep the attention of its customers – and with the rise of digital marketing and online content, there are more avenues than ever to achieve this.

Whether you’re looking to get more people interested in you your latest product, better reach your target demographic, or spread the word about your brand to increase general awareness, we have rounded up our top tips to successfully putting your business in the spotlight.



Don’t let e-mails be an afterthought

It is getting harder and harder to reach audiences organically with social media very much becoming a pay to play arena. You even need to spend on advertising now for your own followers to see your content. By leveraging email marketing you can have direct communication with your customers at no or very little cost. This creates a new opportunity for you to expose your customers to your brand.


There are a number of ways to utilise email marketing, such as:

  • Adding email sign up forms on your website to help grow your help database
  • Welcoming new subscribers when they sign up and offering them an incentive or offer
  • Promoting native content such as blog posts that are featured on your website
  • Promoting products or services
  • Follow up after a customer has purchased a product

If you are just starting out, platforms such as MailChimp are the perfect place to start or Thrive Creative can assist crafting templates, content, database management and sending.


Develop a tailored SEO strategy

Short for Search Engine Optimisation, SEO is the process of increasing your un-paid website traffic by showing up in search engines earlier.

Pay attention to keywords in your industry that are related to your brand and use them throughout your SEO strategy and native content such as blog posts.

If you find that a particular keyword may be struggling to get your on the first page of Google search, this is the best time to begin writing more content that features that specific keyword.

Writing blogposts is an excellent way to improve SEO and generate brand awareness on a continuous basis. This is because it is a way of providing constant value to your customers, while at the same time, giving you multiple opportunities to use relevant keywords to boost your SEO rankings on search engines.


Trial instant message AI on your accounts

Platforms like Facebook now allow you to use chatbots to interact with people on your page. A simple “Welcome, is there anything we can help you with?” message can encourage people to reply right away, meaning that you have a potential customer already looking into what you can offer.

Be sure to get back to them as soon as you can, though! Try not to take too long to reply, otherwise they may lose interest.


Retarget audiences when advertising

Retargeting audiences is a good way to keep your brand in front of people who may have gone to your website but didn’t purchase anything. This may occur for a number of reasons, including that they are simply not ready to make a purchase at that particular time.

Retargeting allows you to get content, such as ads, in front of them to remind them of your website and even the products that they may have been looking at. When retargeted, they may be more likely to make a purchase.



Enter Industry Awards

Accolades often provide immediate social proof and credibility, and so being nominated, or even winning, industry awards can boost your brand’s reputation immensely and subsequently be used on your marketing.

It’s another way to position yourself as a leader in the industry, as well as catch the attention of potential customers who may not have known your brand existed.


Utilise influencer marketing

We share the digital space with “online influencers”, who, as their title suggests, can hold influence over a large group of people – some even venturing into the millions.

Influencer marketing is a great way to promote your brand and product and develop a positive relationship with someone who can vouch for you and encourage others to try your products or services top. While you may initially want to network with larger influencers, there is also value in approaching smaller influencers who may be just as willing to work with smaller businesses.
However, regardless of how much influence they hold, remember to be genuine when approaching influencers you want to work with!


Represent your brand at Trade Shows

One way to put yourself forward as an industry thought leader is to get your brand front and centre with your ideal customers at trade shows. Trade shows are a great chance to introduce your products and services, with the added opportunity to have direct conversations, face to face, with potential customers you may otherwise not have the chance to interact with.


To find out more about how you can get your brand noticed on and offline, contact us at Thrive Creative – a full-service Melbourne-based Marketing Agency to discuss your marketing needs or strategy.




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