Influencer Marketing 101

Recent years have seen the rise of social media influencers – a person who has established a level of online credibility in specific industries. They usually have access to, and the ability to persuade, a large audience. That is why many businesses and social media agencies look to develop relationships with influencers in order to increase their brand awareness and elevate their level of sales. Additionally, compared to other traditional marketing channels, the use of influencer marketing has been known to deliver 11x higher rates of ROI.

But influencer marketing is more than simply sending free samples to as many influencers as possible and asking them to mention you on their page. Let’s take a look at how you can make the most of this marketing channel.


Influencers perform differently on every platform, and social media agencies will understand where to focus your energy. For instance, beauty, fashion, and wellness brands and influencers, in particular, perform best on YouTube and Instagram due to the highly visual characteristics of the platforms.

Once you understand what platform you want to focus on, it’s time to look at the influencer you want to build a relationship and work with.

Celebrity influencers with followers in the hundred-thousands or millions will cost substantially more than micro-influencers who have a following of under 2000. While micro-influencers have lower follower counts, something to take into consideration is that their engagement rates are actually higher than influencers with 1-10 million followers.

While taking your social media budget into consideration is important, it is equally vital to choose an influencer who works well with your brand and products or services. Ideally, they will be part of your target customer base, as their audience will likely share the same traits.

Be Clear on Your Messaging and Campaign Goals

Most content developed under an influencer marketing strategy is comprised of sponsored posts with the influencer featuring the product. The benefit of this is that they can get creative and seamlessly show how your product can be used in a customer’s everyday life.

Think about what you want to achieve at the end of your influencer marketing campaign.

Is it simply to increase sales of your products, or do you want others to know more about your brand values and what makes you stand out?

Due to the level of persuasion influencers can have over their audience, they may play an integral role in the success of a number of marketing campaigns. When creating an influencer marketing strategy, there are a number of considerations that range from budget to messaging and of course, finding and compensating the right influencer for the campaign. Nonetheless, regardless of the size of an influencer’s following, it is important to remember that their time and creative effort should be valued.

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